LOTUS8 A'PART HOTELS - Kochi Airport

The royal path to wholesome and holistic wellness

Ayurveda is as the word implies ‘the science of life’, the ancient wisdom of restoring and maintaining wholesome wellness of body, mind and soul. Kerala is internationally recognized as the only place in the world where the traditional formulae and methods of treatment are practiced in their pristine form. Thousands of people from all over the world, including the other parts of India, make health-tourism trips to Kerala to get relieved of their illnesses and be rejuvenated. Traditional massages, nature-based medications and wholesome approach to the patient and the disease root out the causes and not just the symptoms.

At Lotus 8, qualified and experienced Ayurvedic physicians and well-trained and qualified attendants, masseurs and masseuses use their know-how and skill to take away ailments and years from you. Using special diets, massages, medications, oil baths, inhalations, steam baths, etc, professionals carry out soothing and rejuvenating therapies that give permanent relief without side effects.