LOTUS8 A'PART HOTELS - Kochi Airport

Cochin, the commercial and industrial hub of Kerala is easily accessible by road, rail, air and sea. The Cochin International Airport is strategically located with easy access to all three National Highways passing through Kerala (NH 47, NH 17 and NH 49) and is only half-an-hour drive away from the city.

The main Railway line from Kanyakumari to Delhi is adjacent to the airport and it is situated between Alwaye and Angamaly Railway Stations. The Cochin Sea Port, one of the biggest in the country is also situated close by.

Bus timings: Contacts

Aluva: 0484-2624242
Ernakulam: 0484-2372033
Control Room: 0484-2665532
Kozhikode: 9995573783
Malappuram: 9947512520

Aluva: 0484-2624242
Ernakulam: 0484-2372033
Control Room: 9447071021

Railway Stations:
Angamali: 0484 2452340 (4.03 KMS)
Aluva: 0484-2630141 (6.38 KMS)